Quality Hindi content for State Boards

The e-learning trend introduced after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has modified the education system. Online teaching and online learning have proved to be the panacea for the crisis. However, it has brought many students, educators as well as educational institutions to the receiving end. The shift from offline mode to online mode of pedagogy has entailed offbeat points often overlooked. The most significant challenge after the introduction of e-learning is its optimization. which is the moot point of online learning pedagogy. This largely involves the accessibility and affordability of the study materials online.
 Although there are ample English materials available online, the Hindi content still lags. We have very little online Hindi content at our disposal. Those which are available do not fit the required standard. Due to this students from the Hindi belt waste much of their time accessing online learning.  To resolve this problem, one of the best online learning app, myCBSEguide, has come up with Hindi content that will cater to their needs. The app is known for its standard content. It commits the same, i.e. providing quality Hindi content, for different boards. This will be of great help for the students as well as teachers of Hindi medium.

Hindi Content on myCBSEguide

Trusted by more than 1,00,000 teachers and over 5 million downloads makes myCBSEguide a reliable source. It provides study materials primarily for CBSE and also for the courses of  IIT JEE and NEET UG. Now it will include products for UP Board and UK Board (Uttarakhand Board) in Hindi medium. It also plans to introduce study materials for other Hindi medium boards like MP Board, Rajasthan Board, Bihar Board eventually. The myCBSEguide App has been providing CBSE sample papers with solutions, mock tests, revision notes, NCERT solutions, Exemplar solutions, and topic-based important questions. Its sister Exami8 app is an exclusive app for creating questions papers. It is designed explicitly for schoolteachers and private tutors. They can use this app to do away with the hassle of typing and save their time. Many teachers and even schools have created batches on this app for conducting online tests. The inclusion of Hindi study material will now not only benefit the students but also the teachers. 
The Hindi content will enable the teachers to generate question papers in vernacular within minutes. The contents will include topic-wise Hindi revision notes, Hindi NCERT solutions, and Exemplar Solutions in Hindi. Teachers will have a Hindi question bank which can be used to create a questions paper in the desired format through the test generator

What’s More?

To be very honest, most of the students of our Hindi belt do not have access to enough resources and study materials. There are various reasons for it. That does not mean they will be alienated. They, too, have a right to get a fair opportunity to show their competence. Since very little time is left for the upcoming board exams, solving sample papers becomes a must. The sample question papers and model test papers give a comprehensive idea of the exam pattern. For students aspiring for good marks with limited learning aids, what could be better than having a full-length sample paper in Hindi. The Hindi model test papers too will be provided at affordable rates. 
This is a small effort to assist those who actually deserve it. Many talents go unnoticed due to a lack of means. And this problem remains unaddressed. It is to support such inquisitive minds. They can find enough materials free of cost now. All they need to do is download myCBSEguide and select their class and subject to proceed. The paid products have cheap rates which are subjected to flexibility as per the need and demand. The main aim is to achieve three important objectives of our educational policy, that is, access, equity, and quality.