Question Paper Creator App for Teachers

The best Question Paper Creator App for teachers is now available on Google Playstore for free download. You can find hundreds of such app over the internet. But most of them have no questions at all. You have to add your own questions to create a question paper.

Examin8 – Question Paper Creator App

Examin8 is one of the best online paper-creating apps for teachers. Especially, it is the best mobile application for CBSE teachers. There are 5 lakh+ questions in this mobile app. These all questions are having detailed answers and explanations. It includes all question types such as multiple-choice questions, multiple response questions, case study questions, subjective questions, long descriptive questions, true and false questions, full-up questions, assertion and reason questions, analytical questions, open-ended questions and easy type questions.

The databank of questions is very important because it takes lots of time and effort to add questions. If questions have images and equations, it is next to impossible to create them online. Teachers are not data entry operators. They have different skill sets. We can not expect them to do these mechanical tasks. That’s why Examin8 – Question Paper Creator App is the first choice of all the teachers. Using this app, they can create question paper online in minutes without any typing effort.

CBSE Quiz Maker App

Creating a quiz with multiple-choice questions is now very easy. Google form is there to do so but you have to type each question there. Examin8 is pre-loaded with 5 lakh+ questions. It takes hardly 2 minutes to create a quiz and share the same with students.

Examin8 is the best CBSE Quiz Maker App for teachers, schools, tutors and professional coaching institutes. It comes with thier own brand name and logo. They can not only create quizzes but also share notes, homework assignments, videos and other study material with their students easily.

How to use Examin8 App

This online exam-creating app has two interfaces. One is for the teachers to create question papers and the other is for students to attempt online tests.

Here is how teachers can use it:

  1. Download and Install Examin8 App
  2. Login into the app as Teacher
  3. Create question papers or online tests
  4. Share the same with your students

Here is how students can use the same app:

  1. Download and Install Examin8 App
  2. Login into the app as a student
  3. Go to assigned tests to attempt the tests
  4. Check your result with detailed analysis