All About National Curriculum Framework 2023

The National Curriculum Framework 2023 is developed based on this vision of the NEP 2020 and intends to facilitate its execution. By implementing correspondingly beneficial reforms in India’s educational curricula, NCF hopes to contribute to structural developments. It places a strong emphasis on the value of individualised instruction in the classroom. The National Education Policy 2020 … Read more

Test Generator Package FAQ

Examin8 Test Generator helps teachers create papers online within minutes. It has many packages that you can choose from as per your requirement. Let’s explain the packages in detail. Carry Forward Policy All your remaining papers and attempts will expire with the package. It means if you have some papers left on the date of … Read more

Test Generator Basic – Free Forever

Examin8 – Test Generator helping schools, teachers, tutors and parents create papers and worksheets for the past 5 years. Thousands of teachers use it daily to generate offline question papers and online MCQ tests with their own name and logo. But the new users would like to explore it for free. Especially, parents who want … Read more

SSC CGL 2022 Online Mock Tests

SCC will conduct the CGL exam in December 2022. Being a coaching centre, you are trying your best to help your students practice as much as possible. But creating a perfect question paper and conducting exams online is really time taking process. We are here to help you with this. Now you can create SSC … Read more

Editing Blueprint in Manual Mode

Examin8 – Test Generator has added another feature in Manual mode that empowers you to edit blueprints easily. You may have noticed that if you wish to add new questions anywhere between the blueprint, it was asking you to add it at the end only. But now, you can also move the questions up and … Read more

CBSE Sample Paper Blueprints 2023

We have added CBSE Sample Paper Blueprints under Automated Mode for the session 2022-23. You can create full syllabus model question papers within 30 seconds using these blueprints in Automated Mode. We are adding such blueprints for classes 9 and 11 too. Just visit to create your papers super fast. Examin8 helps teachers create … Read more

Teachers’ Day offer on Test Generator

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, we have a very special offer for you on myCBSEguide Test Generator. You can buy the Trial Pack of 5 Papers at Rs.5/- only which is valid for 30 days. This offer is available on 5th September from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM only. Visit to get it. … Read more

Test Generator for ICSE Class 10

We have just added ICSE class 10 Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History & Civics to the test generator. You can select ICSE > Class 10 > Subject to access it. We have also added some new question types for ICSE like, Give Reason, Expend Abribriation, One Word Answers, Odd One Out, Arrange in Order, … Read more