Test Generator Package FAQ

Examin8 Test Generator helps teachers create papers online within minutes. It has many packages that you can choose from as per your requirement. Let’s explain the packages in detail.

Carry Forward Policy

All your remaining papers and attempts will expire with the package. It means if you have some papers left on the date of expiry, these will NOT be carried forward to the next package you buy.

So, we suggest the following:

  • Consume all the papers before the due date.
  • Estimate your use and purchase the package accordingly.

Package Expiry

All the packages are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. But if your paper count becomes ZERO before that, your package will get expired automatically.

Paper Count

There are multiple packages having different paper counts. It starts from 25 papers to 1000 papers. You can create papers for any class and any subject that is available on Test Generator irrespective of the package you purchase.

Here, papers mean all of the following items:

  • Question papers (offline)
  • Online Tests (link)
  • Worksheets (offline)

So, whatsoever you create there, is counted as one paper. It can be for any class, any subject or any type. We just count the number of papers, not class and subject.

When do we count it?

We count it as one paper and deduct the same from your account when you reach step-3. It means if you start a paper and leave it on step 1 or 2, it is not deducted from your account. We will deduct it only when our database is exposed to you. This means questions are shown to you and it happens in step-3 only.

So, as soon as your question paper reaches step-3, we will deduct one count from your package even if you have not clicked the generate paper button on step 3.

Online Test Attempts

Online test attempts are the attempts you will get with a package. These are used in the case of online tests only. Let’s understand with an example:

You have purchased a Mini Pack of 25 papers. You got 25 papers and 250 online test attempts. It means you can create total 25 papers including both online tests and offline tests. 

Suppose you created 1 online test out of it and shared the same with 40 students. But only 35 students had successfully attempted and submitted that test. 

Now, you will be left with 24 papers (25 – 1) and 215 attempts (250 – 35). 

If you are creating offline tests only, your online test attempts will remain unused and these will expire automatically when your package expires.

What is Free Mobile App?

We provide the Examin8 App for free with the test generator package. Both you and your students can use it. Although it is the common app for all yet it shows your name and logo only once your students log in on it.

Mobile App – Role Teacher

  • Create papers and share them with your students
  • Create batches and manage students
  • Create folders and files
  • Upload content in the form of links and PDFs
  • Add YouTube Video links
  • Check student performance

Mobile App – Role Student

  • Attempt online tests shared by you
  • Check their report card
  • Access videos and other study material shared by you.

This video will guide you further on how to use the Examin8 App.

Other FAQs

What if the paper count becomes ZERO before 1 year?

In that case, you can buy the package again. The new validity will start from the date of the new purchase.

What if the papers remain but attempts are exhausted?

You can buy attempt top-up separately.

Can I share this package with others?

Yes. you can share it with any number of people. You will get the option to add teachers on the Test Generator Dashboard.