How Examin8 Helps Teachers?

Education has always been a dynamic range, in fact, the post-pandemic period has rendered it to be even more. The continuous pedagogical modifications and emergence of new approaches make it updated. These updates keep it up to the mark on the contrary it brings in new challenges for the teachers along with them. In this context, we will discuss tools like Examin8 that could be handy and understand how can it help teachers.

The challenges of teaching are not restricted to classrooms. It has become a challenge to teaching as a whole.

Since we are talking about the modals of teaching, we will not discuss problems like teamwork coordination and administrative pressure. Rather, our focus will be on devising new methods and techniques that will address the real problems. We will also find out how the latest app of Examin8 can help in dealing with these kinds of problems.

What are these real problems?

To be specific, we will look forward to ways to lessen the burden of the over-burdened teachers.

A teacher has multiple roles to play. For example, completing the syllabus, updating the subject, correcting materials, content presentations, managing group works as well as bringing in new creative approaches to meet the present educational trends. However, working towards these long-term goals shrinks their personal time which leads to self-negligence. Consequently, it can take a toll on their health, and many are finding it difficult even to maintain a proper work-life balance.

The online teaching process is a more challenging job for all levels of teachers. Besides preparing engaging digital lesson plans, teachers have numerous papers and assignments to mark, which can be very time-consuming. These excessive paper works take a lot of time out of their regular schedules. They also have to work overtime to brainstorm ideas and plans for their online classes. Subsequently, the quality of work they deliver is compromised. However, Examin8 can rescue them from this hassle, hence easing their burden.

Teachers are involved in multi-tasking the whole day long. It is for a purpose, which is an effective teaching-learning process. Similarly, preparing, planning, executing and tasks alike are expected out of them, etc. This makes it a lengthy and hectic process for them. Thus, adding a lot of pressure and the lack of time doubles it subsequently.

A teacher’s prime role is to strive to achieve the learning outcomes and Examin8 is the best option for it.

It is a one-stop solution to the problems faced by the teachers. It offers options to the teacher to adapt to differential teaching strategies. Teachers make modifications to meet the demands of a slow or a quick learner accordingly.

What is Examin8?

Examin8 is for schools, teachers, tutors, and coaching institutes. It is an app that helps them to manage their students online using Test Generator Dashboard.

How will Examin8 help teachers?

It helps to create and conduct online tests, create offline question papers, upload videos and add study material (PDFs and links). It enables the users to create batches and add students and manage them online easily.

How can you add batches?

Click on the Batch icon, then click Add Batch, enter the batch name and it is done. Then click on the Student icon, then click Add Student you can put anything as email-ID but there must be some uniformity so that we can enable the password reset option for you. Now enter the email ID, click search and if the email ID is not there, fill the form, note down the email ID and passwords you are putting here and share these log in IDs and passwords with your students.

Follow the instructions given in this video to see how batches are created virtually.

How can you conduct an online test?

Select a class and subject, choose questions and create your own online test in no time. You can also share this test with your students through the website link or within Examin8 App. No manual evaluation is required for these tests, select your suitable time to publish the result. For more details and virtual demo check the given video given below from 1:50-2:20.

Why Examin8?

It is about you and your brand name. It promotes you and your school. If you are a tutor or have a coaching institute you can easily generate your question paper with your name and logo. If you are a school or a schoolteacher, it will lessen your burden to conceptualize the question paper. You do not have to bother about the updated syllabus or the sample paper pattern. Examin8 is all up to date and always at your disposal.