How Teachers Create Question Papers

Creating a question paper is a three-step process. Step-1 is to prepare a blueprint. Step-2 is to prepare questions. Step-3 is to prepare a marking scheme. If you are working sincerely, it will take around 5-6 hours to complete a full-length question paper.┬áLet’s discuss the same in detail.

Prepare Blueprint

This is the first step in the question paper creation process. Based on the prescribed syllabus, the teacher prepares a blueprint of the question paper. It is the format of the paper stating the number of questions from each chapter and the typology of questions. Broadly, it must have the following information:

  • Number of questions
  • Typology
  • Weightage
  • Difficulty level

For example, the class 10 Science paper will have 60 questions and out of these students will attempt 50 questions. There will be 45 MCQs, 5 Assertion & Reasoning and 10 Case Study questions. Now the teacher will prepare a blueprint for questions number 1 to 60 mentioning typology, weightage and difficulty level of each question.

Prepare Questions

The second step is to create or take questions from various sources. As there are some big changes this year, it is very difficult to find desired questions anywhere. So, in most cases, the teacher has to create his own questions. This is a very time-consuming and tedious task.

As discussed, the typology of questions has been changed, it is not easy to create own questions as well. This is not the problem of anyone teacher. Everyone has to re-invent the wheel for himself. There is no online library of questions where teachers are adding questions on daily basis and updating them regularly.

Prepare Marking Scheme

The final step is to prepare a marking scheme for the question paper. The marking scheme is basically a step-by-step solution for each and every question given in the question paper. It describes how marks will be awarded to the student.

Again, you need a complete solution for each question. Here, creating questions is itself a big task now creating answers for each question is a much bigger problem. It takes hours to complete.

Is There Any Other Way?

Yes. There is. The whole process of 5-6 hours can be completed only in 5-6 minutes. It means you can enjoy the day with your friends and family. Let’s discuss all the points one by one.

(1) Preparing Blueprint: We know that CBSE has standard blueprints. It means the blueprint of x teacher will is similar to the blueprint of y teacher. So, we can have some common blueprints that all the teachers can use. We have already created some blueprints based on the latest CBSE Model Question Papers. So, why waste 30-40 minutes on creating your own blueprints. Just use the readymade blueprints.

(2) Preparing Questions: How if we could use a digital library or say pool of all the questions at once. We would have access to all questions online from where we could simply select questions of our choice. No typing, no searching, no browsing. Simple mouse clicks and all questions would be available to us.

Yes. we have a pool of 5 lakh+ questions. Hundreds of teachers update it on daily basis. They are adding their own questions and updating questions added by other teachers. It’s the biggest community-created questions bank. So, you need not re-invent the wheel. Just use these questions and contribute your own questions to enrich the pool. This will save you 2-3 hours.

(3) Preparing Solutions: Our question bank comes with solutions. So, if you are creating question papers using this question bank, you will get the solution PDF automatically. Thus, it will again save you 3-4 hours.

Lets Compare

Process Traditional Method Test Generator
Creating Blueprint 30 Minutes 30 Seconds
Creating Questions 2 Hours 2 Minutes
Writing Solutions 3 Hours 0 Minutes
Total Time 5 Hours 30 Minutes 2 Minutes 30 Seconds

Examin8 – Test Generator can save your precious time and effort. It gives you immense pleasure to spend quality time with your friends and family members. The choice is yours.