Option to Enable, Disable, Shuffle & Re-Attempt Tests

Sometimes, teachers forget to enable or disable the shuffle questions option or re-attempt the option while creating questions for online tests. This feature gives them an option to enable or disable shuffle and re-attempt even after creating an online test. They can access it under view papers.

Check how to do it: Video Tutorial

There are two features:

  1. Shuffle Questions: [Enable] [Disable]
  2. Re-attempt Test: [Enable] [Disable]

Shuffle Questions

This feature is very helpful while conducting online tests. It empowers you to share the same set of questions with all students but in a shuffled manner. It means each student will get the same questions but in a different order. Not only questions but their options are also shuffled. So that, your students can not ask others for the correct option easily.

Now you can enable or disable this feature even after creating the online test.

Re-attempt Test

We know that some of your students may get stuck while attempting the online test due to bad internet connectivity or some other reason. In this case, you can now allow students to re-attempt the test within the given time frame easily.