Examin8 – App for Teachers

Why do teachers need a Mobile App?

All the teachers may not have access to desktops and laptops all the time. On the other hand, smartphones are handy and easy to use. So, when the whole world is moving towards a mobile-first approach, the teachers are not an exception. They also use their mobile devices very effectively during the teaching-learning process.

In this scenario, the mobile apps that are specifically designed to help teachers can definitely save time and effort to teachers.

What teachers can do on a mobile device?

Teachers are the most creative creatures in this world. They use their mobile devices in their everyday activities during the teaching-learning processes. Here are a few things the teachers usually do to make their teaching more effective.

  • Sharing notes and question papers
  • Sharing learning videos and study material
  • Communicating with students and other fellow teachers
  • Taking online classes
  • Evaluating student’s performance
  • Preparing question papers
  • Managing students

How Examin8 Helps Teachers?

Examin8 is an app for teachers as well as students. As soon as a student login into the app, it starts showing the name and logo of the institute. So, it gives a personalized experience to each institute and never shows any external link. Hence, it is a Mobile App of the teacher, tutor, institute or school with their own name and logo inside.


  • The teacher can login into Examin8 App and perform the following actions:
  • Create question papers, online tests, worksheets and homework assignments using the databank of 5 lakh+ questions.
  • They can share the same with students within Examin8 App or through any social media platform including WhatsApp.
  • They can analyze the performance of the students through the automatically evaluated online tests.
  • They can create batches and add/invite students into batches to manage them effectively.
  • They can share learning videos within Examin8 App from YouTube.
  • They can upload and share study material and notes with their students.
  • They can add links from other websites into Examin8 App.


  • Students can login into Examin8 App and access the content shared by their teachers. They can attempt online tests and check their performance within the app.

Examin8 – App for Teachers

Download Examin8 App to engage your student in the teaching-learning process more creatively.

It helps you to:

  1. Generate question papers
  2. Create batches and manage students
  3. Share learning videos
  4. Upload & share your own content with students
  5. Take online classes on Zoom