Examin8 App for Teachers

Test Generator within Examin8 App Now Test Generator is available within Examin8 App. Teachers can download Examin8 App from Google Playstore and log in as role teachers to access Test Generator. They can switch their role from teacher to student and vice versa by clicking on the top-right setting icon. Switch Role as Teacher & Student We have … Read more

Examin8 – App for Teachers

Why do teachers need a Mobile App? All the teachers may not have access to desktops and laptops all the time. On the other hand, smartphones are handy and easy to use. So, when the whole world is moving towards a mobile-first approach, the teachers are not an exception. They also use their mobile devices … Read more

Chances of Schools Reopening in New Session

The COVID-19 pandemic has kept students away from their schools for almost two years. For the past 22 months, children are taking their classes virtually. This has brought in a sea change in the educational trajectory. The shift from offline to online mode of education has affected students’ development in both – positive and negative … Read more

Quality Hindi content for State Boards

The e-learning trend introduced after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has modified the education system. Online teaching and online learning have proved to be the panacea for the crisis. However, it has brought many students, educators as well as educational institutions to the receiving end. The shift from offline mode to online mode of … Read more

Importance and Benefits of Sample Papers

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will conduct Term 2 board exams shortly. Now that the COVID restrictions are back with the onset of the third wave students should not presume things. If they think that the present COVID situation will defer their exam, and the evaluation would be done like the 2020-2021 session, … Read more

From Joyful Teaching to Playful Learning

RETENTION OF LEARNING In the words of American psychologist, widely known for his behaviorist theory, B.F. Skinner:   Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten. Retaining things learned during a classroom for a long time is challenging. We, generally, tend to forget things when they are out of context. Thus, … Read more

Lesson Planning and Teaching

TEACHING: The Science and The Art Most teachers must have studied in their course that teaching is both an art and science. Teachers are demonstrators, similarly, the learners are the followers. Teaching is paving the way for a future society. Teaching may be an underrated profession but it is a highly responsible job that seeks … Read more

COVID and Education

The pandemic of COVID-19 has created a chasm in the history of the modern education system. It has affected the learners of almost every country with disruption. Closures of schools, institutions, and other learning spaces have affected more than 94% of the world’s student population. This pandemic has set in a new trend of e-learning. … Read more

Question Paper Creator App for Teachers

Question Paper Creator App for Teachers

The best Question Paper Creator App for teachers is now available on Google Playstore for free download. You can find hundreds of such app over the internet. But most of them have no questions at all. You have to add your own questions to create a question paper. Examin8 – Question Paper Creator App Examin8 … Read more